“Virtuoso Designer, Magnificent Tramp, Invented Woman” wrote Patrick Martinat about Marcel Bascoulard (1913-1978, France). One might call the homeless, eccentric Bascoulard the city illustrator of Bourges, and he was able to live off the sale of his realistic drawings. He became so well known for his work that after his violent death, a bust of him was placed in a square named in his honour. Internationally, however, he became more famous after his death for the photographs he took of himself dressed as a woman, in clothes he designed himself. There may be a connection with the dramatic event at the age of 19, when his father was shot dead by his mother. Only a single print of each photograph is known. He considered this art and gave his photos away.

Double Autoportrait, 1948, vintage silver print, 5×8 cm
Untitled, ca. 1950, vintage silver print, 10,2×7,8 cms
Pose 7, 19 July 1971, vintage silver print, 13,1×8,9 cms