“Virtuoso Designer, Magnificent Tramp, Invented Woman” wrote Patrick Martinat about Marcel Bascoulard (1913-1978, France). One might call the homeless, eccentric Bascoulard the city illustrator of Bourges, and he was able to live off the sale of his realistic drawings. He became so well known for his work that after his violent death, a bust of […]

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Alireza was born in 2002 in western Iran. His father is a simple laborer, and the family owns only one cow. The somewhat introverted, quiet Alireza began to take an interest in cows at an early age and immersed himself in the history of Spanish bullfighting. When all schools were closed due to the pandemic, […]

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untitled, n.d. (2019) ink (rapidograph) on paper , 60x50 cm - Yalcin Cihangir

Yalcin Cihangir

Yalcin Cihangir (b. 1968 in Büyükcamili, Turkey) grew up next door to his uncle, an ironsmith, whom he went to work for after just five years of schooling. The “wild child”, as he describes himself, learned how to handle iron and paint. At the age of 30, he became a truck driver and spent half […]

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