Corbaz, Aloïse


Aloïse Corbaz was born in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1886. Her dream was to become an opera singer. To cut short a relationship of which she disapproved, her elder sister ordered Aloïse to leave for Germany where Aloïse worked as a governess in Potsdam, in William II’s court. Thereupon, she fell in love with the emperor, imagining a torrid love affair with him. The war’s outbreak obliged her to leave the country. Back in Switzerland, she showed signs of such exalted religious and pacifist feelings that she was committed to the Cery-sur-Lausanne asylum in 1918, followed by the La Rosière Asylum in Gimel-sur-Morges, where she would remain until her death in 1964.

  • Un après-midi à Ouchy, no date, color crayon on paper, 20,5x55,5 cm