Wilson, Scottie

Scottie Wilson (Louis Freeman) was born in 1891, Glasgow, Scotland. He never went to school and remained illiterate. At the age of 16 he joined the army, then worked in fun fairs and circuses. Some years afterwards he had a small mobile stall with which he walked round London’s markets. Around 1928, after an enforced exile in Ireland, he emigrated to Toronto, Canada, where he ppened a second-hand shop. Scottie Wilson started to draw in the back of his shop at the age of 40. Later he moved to Vancouver, where he devoted himself exclusively to creative activity. Returning to London after the war, he sold his drawings for low prices in markets or at exhibitions that he organised himself in unusual places, such as a cinema hall, disused shop or caravan. He died in 1972.

  • Untitled, no date, mixed media on paper, 56.5x38 cm.